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This 1876 paintings is the magisterial observation via the Oxford pupil Robinson Ellis (1834-1913) at the existence and oeuvre of the Roman poet Catullus, whose paintings illuminates the last years of the Roman Republic. Our wisdom of Catullus' lifestyles derives virtually fullyyt from his personal writings. 3 manuscripts live to tell the tale which include a suite of poems which are ascribed to him, and all 3 date from the fourteenth century. Ellis considers the learn that has already been undertaken at the poet and his atmosphere yet in general attracts on his personal paintings in assessing the worth of the Renaissance Italian commentators who verified the widely authorised poetic canon. He strains the Greek affects that Catullus used to be uncovered to and discusses his use of alternative metres, whereas additionally speculating at the identification of his cherished Lesbia, a arguable query nonetheless unresolved within the twenty-first century.

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In 66 by the provisions of the Manilian law Cn. Pompeius succeeded Glabrio; but the prosecution of the war with Mithridates seems to have called him away from Bithynia till the end of 65, when by the addition of the western portion of the Pontic kingdom, i. e. the coast-line from Heraclea in Paphlagonia to the Halys, a new province was formed called Bithynia et Ponlus or Bithynia Pontus (Strab. 541, Liu. Epit. 102, Mommsen and Marquardt Rom. Alterth. iv. pp. 192, 3 : ). This new province is stated by Appian to have been administered by a praetor yearly sent by the senate (B.

Sosio consulibus. (Att. ) In the twelfth of these chapters Nepos speaks of Catullus as dead, and as belonging to a literary era preceding that of L. Julius Calidius. Hence Gibbon considers the medium point between the consulship of Vatinius and the consulship of Domitius and Sosius as the probable date of the death of Catullus, 714 | 40. His other arguments are identical with those of the present century. This discussion was written before Gibbon had reached the age of twenty, but it seems to deserve mention from the complacency with which the author dwells upon it in his autobiography, and the resentment with which he records Matthew Gesner's not discourteous, but somewhat slighting, reply.

The nominative in os is preserved XXIII. 1 seruos, XLV. 1 Seplimios, LIII. 3 Meos Caluos, LXI. 54 nouos marUus, LXVI. 54 equos: but in a disproportionately large number of cases uus uum has driven out uos uom. So again beatus of the MSS in XXIII. 27 seems to represent bealu's ; in LXVI. 27 adeptus is a corruption of adepta's, in XXXIV. 23 soliias es of L seems to point to a dittography solita's solita es : but in XXXIV. 15 notho es, LXVI. 34 pollicila es, LXXXVII. 12 amata mea es, where Lachmann would write notho's potticitds meds the MSS give no indication of this spelling.

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