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Please take it in this time. They seem to have a monopoly on the artwork being displayed in this area. I pointed out the Flock of Words/Genesis/Flood symbolism years ago and Mr. Young, with Mr.

Therefore I wish to make it clear that the base of Blackpool tower is also equipped for rituals to take place after hours or during festivals. Only relevant members of the Serpent Cult or certain symbolic artifacts will be placed in the Tower Eye or Festival House display window during a ritual and this will only happen should the ritual require direct participation with the crowd (consent or worship energy). Any other rituals can be done covertly out of sight, but still in hearing shot, of the crowd.

I think its time we got down to some gritty stuff eh? The Fylde coast has played a very large part in my own awakening and I have no doubts that my own journey could not have progressed without having received the understanding I have gained through events taking place in this area. I am convinced and have been for a long time that the Serpent cult can covertly use public amenities for various ‘out of hours‘ rituals, so to speak. I believe public buildings and monuments are sometimes purposely built and display esoteric symbolism for out of hours use too.

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