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This paper provides the result of a survey of virtually 4,000 marketers in sixty nine nations who have been requested to pass judgement on what constituted a massive main issue for company operations. one of the a number of findings within the document, corruption, crime and robbery, and tax rules have been discovered to be very important stumbling blocks to doing enterprise.

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Bag and seed beaters 85 34. Nets, Cordage, and Weaving 88 35. Housing 91 36. Shelters 94 37. Eyed needle 98 38. Women's clothing 99 39. Men's clothing 103 40. Moccasins and sandals 106 41. Headdress 108 42. Hairbrushes 110 43. Personal adornment 113 44. Necklaces and beads 115 45. Tule balsa boat 118 46. Transportation 119 47. Small stone mortar 131 Table Plants Utilized by Area (Park 1933-40) 42 Page xi Preface The untimely death of Willard Z. Park in 1965 left unpublished his vast accumulation of Northern Paiute ethnographic notes made between 1933 and 1940.

Largely because of inconsistencies in its use, as well as its somewhat derogatory implications, the term has generally gone out of favor today (Fowler and Goddard 1986). Northern Paiute, a designation not without its own problems, is now preferred. In 1941, Park contributed a paper titled ''Cultural Succession in the Great Basin" to a festchrift honoring the memory of Edward Sapir. It was to be his last published report from his field studies, which by now had been expanded to include brief field trips in the summers of 1939 and 1940.

Variation in accounts may be regionally significant in some cases. In others, it may be the result of individual differences or knowledge. Park's own preface to the brief biographical sketches also defines something of the field circumstances under which the data- with variations- were obtained. ) were so presented], but in the majority of interviews, bystanders participated in discussing the question asked by the ethnographer and frequently corrected or revised the answer of the account given by the principal individual.

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