Advances in lipid research. Vol. 17 by Rodolfo Paoletti, Dr. David Kritchevsky PDF

By Rodolfo Paoletti, Dr. David Kritchevsky

ISBN-10: 0065284917

ISBN-13: 9780065284911

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Cigarette smoking decreases HDL in both men and women (Framingham Study, 1978) and could be one of the factors which give the strong correla­ tion between smoking and arteriosclerotic cardiovascular disease. B. CONDITIONS WITH INCREASED OR DECREASED HDL LEVELS A number of conditions have been identified that are associated with in­ creased levels of HDL (Table II). In some of these states there may be in­ creased flux of triglyceride-carrying particles through the peripheral tissues or enhanced lipoprotein lipase activity, or both, resulting in increased lipolytic formation of HDL.

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Advances in lipid research. Vol. 17 by Rodolfo Paoletti, Dr. David Kritchevsky

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