Aflatoxin. Scientific Background, Control, and Implications by Leo A. Goldblatt PDF

By Leo A. Goldblatt

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Avian Diseases 8, 13-19. , and Peterson, R. E. (1967). Aflatoxin detoxification. Bacteriol. Proc. 67, 17 (Abstr. , Peterson, R. , Lagoda, A. , and Hall, H. H. (1966a). Aflatoxin production and degradation by Aspergillus flavus in 20-liter fermentors. Appl. Microbiol. 14, 826-833. , Lillehoj, E. , Peterson, R. , and Hall, H. H. (1966b). Microbiol detoxification of aflatoxin. Appl. Microbiol. 14, 934-937. Clinton, P. K. S. (1960). Seed-bed pathogen of groundnuts in the Sudan and an attempt at control with an artificial testa.

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725/xg/gm) was recorded at 18°C after 84 days with none being found in samples at 16°C. These data parallel our results with freshly dug, living Early Runner peanuts in 1965 and 1966 in that some aflatoxin was found at 20°C, but none at 15°C in 21 days. Thus, it appears that living peanut kernels stored in intact pods are much less susceptible to invasion and aflatoxin formation by A. flavus. The relative amount of aflatoxin Bx and G x produced by species of the A. flavus group in natural and synthetic substrates is influenced by several factors.

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