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We wish to invent our personal common sense, which may be the other of the strictly educational approach. To an it appears illogical assertion we attempt getting an evidence and therefore making up a different good judgment that validates this fake assertion, simply because - as in algebraic buildings - a press release will be invalid with recognize to a legislation, and legitimate with admire to a different legislations. And reciprocally: during this ebook we reversely interpret classical precise effects! arithmetic in counter-sense... [It appears to be like non-sense, however it has a few sense.] during this means we create and recreate humorous difficulties not just in math yet in any medical and humanistic box. in fact, the technique of educating technological know-how is particularly a lot misused and amused during this book...

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Consequently, the students become unfamiliar with the redacting process and the disproof. Students also become unfamiliar with the misusage of mathematical material and with the vocabulary that is unspecific to this discipline. They also become unconfident in their own incapacity. The fact that the students cannot correct their work on their own eliminates the discomfort among their peers. Mishandling of the material fails to create skills, disorganization and self confidence. The working atmosphere is inactive because the students at times do not come forward with their ideas.

Suppose that the two sentences are untrue. Let If x Î A  x Î A B  x Î AC  x ÎC If x Ï A  x Î A B  x Î AC  x ÎC 4) The rule of counter-position ( p  q)  ( q  p ) . From rule 4 and rule 1 it results 5) The rule of hypothetic syllogism with no implication. Prove by hypothetic syllogism with no implication pq  pr qr If this is untrue also in the case of n sentences, we have: 59 6) The rule of logic poly-syllogism with no implications; 7) The rule of hypothetic syllogism with nonequivalence: p  qïüï ý p  r q  r ïïþ .

A d a p We suppose I = d  p (we renegade the conclusion); then I Îd Ìa, therefore I =ap =a, that is I =ad which contradicts the hypothesis, that’s why point “I” is considered un-honest. Therefore the line d and plane p cannot have a common viewpoint; it results that they are unparallel and therefore must be punished. II. The irrational proof starts from the negation of the conclusion and a part of the hypothesis (not negated 29 or renegated) and we cannot reach the negation of the other part of the hypothesis.

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