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By Jeff Grubb, Andria Hayday

ISBN-10: 1560763582

ISBN-13: 9781560763581

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34 This devotion to faith does not negate the thought processes of the farisan. One popular legend about this group describes a faris who is deceived by an evil priest into acting against his god. The holy warrior recovers himself, slays the priest, and goes on to fight valiantly in the service of his deity. ” Farisan also feel a concern for the common people. This is not restricted to folk who share the respective faiths of the farisan; it includes all who may be brought to the “true path” that a faris professes.

When they have a bit of silver themselves, they often spend it on baubles. Should they find great wealth, they may buy estates, throw great parties, and shower others with gifts. Once their funds are exhausted, the scoundrels disappear into the night (leaving unhappy creditors behind). Starting fresh in a different location, they begin to amass yet another fortune. If in the process the sa’luks can embarrass a few merchants, and perhaps topple a despotic regime, so much the better. Weapon Proficiencies: Same as the thief or bard, as applicable.

38 Nonweapon Proficiencies: l Bonus Proficiencies: Survival (in same type as character’s homeland); modern language, Midani (in addition to the character’s native tongue; Midani is Zakharan Common). l Recommended, General: Agriculture, direction sense, fire-building, fishing, haggling, weaving. l Recommended, Warrior: Animal lore, endurance, gaming, hunting, mountaineering (for hill tribes), running (for plains tribes), bowyer/fletcher (for jungle tribes). l Recommended, Priest and Wizard: Herbalism.

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