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By Patricia Leavy (auth.)

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I do hate to be predictable,” she quipped back. 28 AMERICAN CIRCUMSTANCE He smiled and grabbed his leather jacket from the coatrack beside him. ” As they walked away from the building, with a comfortable distance between them, Jake said, “My buddy works at a place a block from here. The pizza is good but the mozzarella sticks are the best you’ve ever had. You do eat, right? ” Paige flashed him the sarcastic smile she had mastered. ” Before a moment passed they had arrived at Vinny’s Pizza Parlor.

I’ll be home. ” Paige smiled cautiously and got into her car. Jake stood watching as she pulled away. That night she could hardly fall asleep, consumed with memories of how he smelled. The next day Paige nervously tapped her pencil on her notebook as Kay-Kay revised her outline for an upcoming school project. At one point Kay-Kay asked a question, and Paige accidently flicked her pencil, and it rolled off the bed. Not used to being clumsy she stumbled a bit as she bent over to pick it up. Half an hour later Paige nonchalantly said, “You seem like you’re ready to start on the poster-board.

She made a conscious effort to exhibit her appreciation for the remarkable sea of people who had come. It wasn’t until she was almost at the end that she saw a face that made her gasp: Jake. He looked older, and a bit worse for wear, but his piercing blue eyes were as magnetic as they had always been. She turned her head slowly towards him, and he nodded discreetly. Before she knew it, she was in the car heading back to her family home for the reception. Spencer and Chloe were talking but it just sounded like white noise.

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