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By R.B. Burckel

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"This is, i feel, the 1st smooth complete treatise on its topic. the writer appears to be like to have learn every little thing, he proves every thing, and he has delivered to mild many attention-grabbing yet more often than not forgotten effects and techniques. The ebook could be at the table of each person who may well ever are looking to see an explanation of something from the fundamental theory...." (SIAM Review)

" ... an enticing, creative, and lots of time[s] funny shape raises the accessibility of the book...." (Zentralblatt für Mathematik)

"Professor Burckel is to be congratulated on writing such an outstanding textbook.... this can be definitely a ebook to provide to an outstanding scholar [who] may revenue immensely from it...." (Bulletin London Mathematical Society)

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Fix WE D(O, R) and choose Iwi < r < R. Then for z E D(O, r)\{w} (3) J(z) - J(w) _ g(w) = ~ c,,[z" - w" _ z- w .. =1 Z W nw"-l]. The expression in square brackets is 0 ifn = I and for n confirms that it equals (4) (z - w) 2: .. -1 1<=1 kwl<-l Z .. -I<-l. ~ 2 direct multiplication Power Series and the Exponential Function 56 Since w, z E D(O, r), the absolute value of the sum in (4) is less than 2: k r l<-l r n-l<-l = r,,-2 2: k = n n - n-1 n-1 "=1 /C~1 ( I) r,,-2 2 and so finally (5) Ifez)z -- few) - g(w) w I :s Iz -2 wi n=2 ~ n(n - 1)lcnlr"-2 Vz E D(O, r)\{w}.

311 #30001. For one-to-one functions even weaker conditions suffice to ensure analyticity. See pages 5, 6 of MONTEL [1933b] and the references there, as well as MENCHOFF [1936], [1937] and BRODOVICH [1970], [1974]. Chapter 1 of MARKUSCHEWITSCH [1976J is also devoted to these questions and contains a proof of the first theorem above. 1 a commitment is made that has profound historical significance. The theory to be erected here did not spring fully-armed from the head of Zeus, but condensed gradually out of the primordial v~pors.

It should also be noted that British usage for entire is integral. Sometimes analytic is also used for holomorphic, but equally often that term has a more technical use. ) The terms monogenic and regular, now largely 'archaic, are other synonyms for holomorphic. But by now perhaps we are teetering on the edge of Ockham's Razor. 2 A function f defined in an open set U is called harmonic in U if U is a union of open sets in each of whichfis the real part of some holomorphic function; that is, for each a E U there is an r > 0 and a function Fa holomorphic in D(a, r) such thatf = Re Fa in U () D(a, r).

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