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Because the final variation of this e-book, released in 1983, the textual content has been rewritten and rearranged to offer an up-to-date review of the topic. The emphasis is on supplying a framework for knowing the connection among health and wellbeing care and the society within which it happens

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37 Stigma Retrospective interpretation The other means by which behaviour towards so-called deviant people, particularly the mentally ill, differs is that it often goes back into their past life to find events and behaviour which will make today's label seem a reasonable judgement. This process of 'retrospective interpretation' occurs in everyday interaction and is also commonly found in the media coverage of events. The suicide of an apparently contented public figure seems perplexing until past events, perhaps a bout of depression five years ago, make sense of the event.

In other words it was not the social support itself but the belief in the social support which was important. If social support is simply the belief in its existence then people with strong beliefs should be more protected from illness than those without. A particular example of this is religious belief in which the person has both the perceived support of a spiritual deity and of the religious community to which they belong. Moreover religion can also be beneficial in cultivating attitudes which give the individual a helpful perspective in facing stressful situations.

But with the break-up of traditional community and its close interpersonal ties, to be replaced by the weaker bonds of modern society, the predominant sorts of suicide become produced by under-regulation and under-integration. Thus, Dürkheim argued, in modern society people mainly commit suicide because they are too isolated or because they feel their life lacks purpose and meaning. In industrial society, in which under-integration and under-regulation are the primary hazards, any form of social bonding should, in principle, protect against suicide.

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