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Probably each novelist harbors a monster at center, an irrepressible and totally irresponsible fantasist, let alone a born and inventive liar, with out which all her paintings may opt for naught. Angel, at any fee, is the tale of this type of monster. Angelica Deverell lives above her diligent, drab mother's grocery store in a dreary turn-of-the-century English local, yet spends her days dreaming of good-looking Paradise residence, the place her aunt is enthroned as a maid. yet in Angel's mind's eye, she is the mistress of the home, a realm of lavish opulence, of night robes and peacocks. Then she starts to write down renowned novels, and this delusion turns into her lifestyles. And now that she has tasted good fortune, Angel has no purpose of letting someone stand in her way--except, probably, herself.

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